Are you a typical boss, or a Star boss? If you’re the former, you may be surprised to learn that 61% of your team is actively looking for a new job!
Being a typical boss serves nobody. It makes your team’s lives harder, and results in more stress for yourself. On the contrary, being a Star boss, results in everybody coming together to achieve a common goal. In a team led by a Star boss, everybody wins. After all a Star boss knows how to bring out the best in the team.

So, which are you?

The good news is that everybody is capable of being a Star boss. Your team is looking for qualities such as authenticity, inspiration, and likeability in you. These are qualities that can be developed with a little effort.
So how do you implement those qualities daily at your workplace?

1. Share: Contrary to popular belief, knowledge isn’t power unless it’s shared. Spread your wealth of information and your team will see you as a reliable source for knowledge and empowerment. Share your own skills and experiences. as a leader with others to create new leaders. Having a more capable team reflects positively on you both in the eyes of your employees and the eyes of your own superiors.

2. Spotlight: Give credit where credit is due, and don’t be afraid to say “thank you”. Celebrating employees when they do good work doesn’t lessen your own power as a boss. Give your employees attention in a positive way. So they will appreciate your spotlight on them and in turn use it to self-motivate to get great results.

3. Empathy. Remember, your employees are human and are much more than just positive or negative reflections of yourself, you should treat them as such. Work is not the only aspect of their lives, and you shouldn’t treat it as such. Try putting yourself in their shoes for once, and you may see a new perspective.

4. Be accountable for your own mistakes. Know when a mistake was your fault, and if it was, own up to it. Remember it’s your ego (a respect killer) that at times prevents you from admitting your mistake.

Does any of this sound familiar?
If so, you might already be a great boss! If not, that’s okay. Use this as a jumping off point to improve. You leave a lot more than your own legacy at risk by being a bad boss. Bad bosses create unhappy employees, low productivity, and poor effort. Plus, bad bosses are a huge cause of good employees running away from their current jobs. Remember that you’re managing multiple personalities in your team. A great boss need to be cognizant that no two employees are the same.


Executive Coach Vikram Kalloo
Executive & Business Coaching – Mumbai, London