The Challenge:

In spite of his astute intelligence and 23 years of leadership experience, Shishir was never considered to be an influential leader. Nobody wanted to be a part of his projects and he was considered to be a bad boss who sapped motivation, killed ideas, and made one want to run from the job! During meetings, he would cut someone off for “dumb” ideas. As a result his team learnt to keep quiet and let the boss set the course. The organization found that he had the right technical capabilities, but he didn’t have the requisite people-persuasion-influence skills required to lead a positive team.

The Accomplishments:

Coach Vikram observed that Shishir gave the impression of being an attention seeker which negatively affected how other stakeholders perceived him. At the onset of the coaching journey, Coach Vikram provided Shishir with breakthrough insights into how to break his habits of narcissism while interacting with people and how to develop empathetic listening skills. As the coaching progressed, Shishir had a step-by-step plan on how to enhance his self-awareness, increase his likeability quotient, and positively influence his first impression among his stakeholders. Shishir was coached to lead pre-dominantly using the positive behaviours of Power to give feedback and exert positive influence through his personal brand. Post 6 months of coaching, there was an atmosphere of trust and support from his team that helped Shishir see a better way to lead that was effortless yet very productive. All of this also resonated with his organization’s values. 9 months through the coaching process, Shishir successfully achieved his agreed upon positive results in behaviours and was all set to perform in larger, rapidly-changing roles in a globalised world.