The Challenge:

The senior management found the new CIO, Leo demonstrated high intelligence, strong analytic abilities, and a drive for execution. However, the management found that his shyness and lack of initiative in interpersonal and networking skills negatively affected his leadership abilities to smoothly transition into the new bigger role. In fact, Leo himself felt challenged in his new role to connect with people and was looking for help in terms of new ideas, new friends, and fresh networking for business growth.

The Accomplishments:

Coach Vikram diagnosed Leo was actually not a shy person when he was around people he knew. In fact, he was funny and well-respected among his inner circle. However, he found it difficult to present himself around a set of unacquainted stakeholders. This attitude affected not only his rapport with his new team but also his networking opportunities with industry players and global teams. It was this lack of enthusiasm in his presence that was limiting his effectiveness to take the organization to the next stage of international development. The coaching journey began with working on helping Leo demystify certain beliefs he was holding against connecting with new people. Later, Leo started to work on enhancing his behaviours of Focus for interpersonal and networking skills that he realized were critical for his professional success. Leo learnt to practice his newly acquired skills in low stake situations. With right practice, Leo comfortably transitioned to using these learned behaviours in high stake business situations. Today Leo is an epitome of a STAR leader who genuinely inspires and motivates his global teams. He has friends from the industry across the globe and his presence is felt at any major networking event.