Sometimes the hardest part of being the manager is to direct members of our team properly. We have to make certain that they are ready to perform their tasks with 100% effectiveness at any moment. A good manager must find the perfect balance between being a friend and a boss as to make sure the atmosphere at the office is positive but also there isn’t anyone in the team who would ignore their instructions.
There are many great methods to achieve that balance, effective ways and tools which would help you to boost your team’s efficiency.

1. Show Your Team Members How Things Should Be Done

Albert Schweitzer said one that the example is leadership. And there is nothing truer. How are your employees to duly perform their duties, exhibit good time or task management if you tend to be disorganized, having problems with, for instance, allocating the hours of your own workday, afraid of getting your hands dirty by taking little jobs instead of assigning them to other, etc. Your employees, team members, look to you as their leader, therefore, stand up to their expectations and show how things should be done.

2. Set Achievable Goals

Zig Ziglar believed that a goal properly set is halfway reached. To be a manager your company needs, you should be aware that goals you set have to be realistic and attainable. You are the boss, and you may demand whatever you want from your employees, sure, but if they decide you wish them to ”remove a mountain”, they won’t be interested in working hard. And it’s understandable. Only Jesus could walk on water.

3. Eliminate Obstacles

It’s much easier to work when one is not bothered with small tasks and can focus entirely on what really needs to be done. Small tasks are time-consuming hindrances which tend to distract attention, they are obstacles which should be eliminated to boost your team’s productivity. The half-hearted involvement in one’s task may cause more harm than good.

I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.
~~Michael Jordan~~

4. Make Sure Responsibilities are Properly delegated

There is a famous saying that if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm. The saw conveys lots of meaning but do not treat it as your philosophy, especially when you run a thriving business. When tasks multiply themselves like coach roaches, don’t waste time by trying to save it by doing everything yourself. You have many team members at your disposal. They are not children but fully-fledged employees and can take care of certain jobs. Let them make use of their talents and take on some tasks that you would normally do.

5. Don’t be Afraid of Technical Advancements

To succeed, you have to make use of whatever this world may offer to you, among others, technology. It’s your responsibility as a leader to take advantage of the latest technical advancements, software, etc. as to make your company and team productive and efficient. And there are many tools that can come to your aid in that matter.

A perfect example can be TimeCamp 3.0, the solution rich in facets, facilitating all aspect of a company’s life, from budgeting, through invoicing, to the control over remote workers.

One of its greatest features is the expanded edition of the project with functionalities such as adding customers, costs, changing permissions and estimating the budget. Furthermore, context filters enable one to sort tasks in a way that is intuitive. Moreover, TimeCamp 3.0 tracks time directly from the list of tasks. In addition, the app allows one to save the configuration of filters to streamline their workflow, and it supplies one with message boards which aim is to give the possibility to comment on every task and project and to share attachments. Lastly, TimeCamp offers something called ”My Task”. This option enables the management of individual tasks with the ability to sort and divide them into groups, track the time of their implementation, monitor the progress, and even contextual reporting. Finally, Timecamp is available to all possible platforms (e.g. Linux), and offers numerous integrations.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.
~~Dean Kamen~~

Effectiveness and productivity are key factors when it comes to the development of one’s business. That is why it’s crucial to make sure one has taken the necessary measures to achieve that goal. Maybe the above guidelines serve you as those measures.

Author: Paweł Kijko
Paweł is a CMO at TimeCamp, a time tracking software company. He’s an SEO specialist and marketer, an owner of an ad agency.