Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

9 Powerful Questions That Will Make Your Team Respect You

Your team doesn’t need any fixing, it may need perspective. You as the leader need to ask questions to discover what you can do better to increase your team’s performance. Here is a list of 9 questions around your executive presence that you might want to ask your team members on a regular basis.

Relationship Building: What can I as your manager do more to bring out the best in you?

Social Awareness: What can I as your manager do less or stop doing to help you shine more in meetings?

Personal Magnetism : What would you really want me to ask you to help you achieve more?

Inner Dialogue: What’s holding you back to give your awesome best at work?

Composure: What can you let go of to be more effective at work?

Personal Brand: What are you most proud of in your current role?

Gratitude: What can I as your manager do to acknowledge your contributions?

Self-Care: How can I as the manager support you to feel relaxed on a work day?

Compassion: What else do you require from me to help you move forward?