Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Client Influencing Coaching

If you want to build deeper client relationships with senior-tenured and new clients, then having a high likeability quotient helps you influence the client with ease. Yes, your objective is to solve critical problems and drive business value for your clients, but mere technical expertise and your company brand will not get you the “seat at the table”. 

Let’s support you on how to strategically project your presence to influence both existing and new clients to sell new assignments/expertise by:

  • getting out your service delivery mindset for a long-term relationship
  • creating positive momentum and rapport to see early wins with new clients
  • connecting with the emotional and intellectual needs of the client 
  • becoming a trusted advisor and getting involved in strategic discussions
  • being a charismatic leader to create memorable moments with a client
  • strategizing communication with insights and ideas without giving in to client demands

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