Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Demystify Presence

What is Presence?

Executive Presence is the critical ‘it’ factor or the ‘x’ factor in leadership. It is an intangible perception

Presence is scientific and tangible aspect of leadership development

Can Executive Presence be learned?

Leaders are born with presence, it is inherent or an innate birth quality that is a magnetic or magical personal quality

Behaviors of Presence can be learned and perfected by anyone. It’s about adopting 3 specific behaviors that fit in with the personality you already have

Is Executive Presence scientific?

Presence is a self-help fluff surrounded with pseudoscience

Presence has been studied in multiple ways, from clinical laboratory experiments and cross-sectional  longitudinal survey research to qualitative and quantitative analysis by psychologists, cognitive scientists, and behavioral researchers

Can Executive Presence be measured?

Presence cannot be measured at the workplace

Using scientifically and reliable assessment tool you can measure your executive presence to help you succeed in a competitive business environment

Is Executive Presence the same as image management?

Presence is about leadership image and brand

Presence is the missing link between merit and success to help achieve your business goals with ease

Presence is all about appearance and presentation skills

There is more to presence than appearance, grooming, image management, and presentation skills

How long does it take to develop Executive Presence?

It takes years to develop one’s leadership presence. It has to be learned by trial and error

With scientific and strategic techniques you can project presence in less than 20 minutes to be more influential

Is Executive Presence important for career success?

Presence is not a critical factor in leadership success. What matters is ONLY your technical expertise

Leaders have moved into senior management roles, cracked million dollar deals, and received higher performance ratings by leveraging their presence. In fact, no leader attains a top role or a big followership without their leadership presence

Can a shy leader develop Executive Presence?

You have to be naturally boisterous or outgoing to build more presence

As long as you know how to strategically and systematically practice the behaviors  of presence, it doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert leader

Can presence help manage the energy of others?

You can’t use your presence to influence how others show up or manage their negative energy

Executive Presence is not just what you do with your presence, it’s also what you do with other people’s presence – both in terms of how you will relate to yourself and how others will relate to you

Is presence only about leading self?

Presence is only about bringing your best version to surface

Presence is about bringing your best version to the surface AND making those around you feel at ease, heard, and inspired to take action. In fact, your presence helps you lead oneself, lead others, and lead an organization

Can Executive Presence be faked?

Presence is fake and a show. In fact, one can fake presence

Presence can’t be faked. It has to be practiced from the inside out. It is how you interact with people in a more genuine and authentic way. In fact, projecting presence can sometimes be  hard, uncomfortable, and even daunting. But it’s also incredibly rewarding

Definition: Executive Presence is the balance of the learned behaviors of focus, power, and warmth, that can be switched on and off to bring out your best self and influence people.

Measurement: Guided by our proprietary research-based model of executive presence, designed around 3 behaviours:  Focus, Power, Warmth, Coach Vikram’s EPI™ is a scientifically validated assessment tool to measure Executive Presence.

Results: Leaders have moved into senior management roles and cracked million dollar deals using our innovative model of executive presence. It has helped leaders and executives with clarity to solve critical problems, drive business value, and succeed in a competitive business environment.