Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Executive Presence for Emerging Leaders

This program is an excellent fit for emerging leaders and mid-career executives who want to fast-track their leadership growth and career—through a transformative learning experience.  Are you looking for your high potentials, star contributors, technical leaders, subject matter experts, or sales leaders to influence others without owning the positional authority? We will teach your leaders how to convey confidence and command respect as a leader and build their leadership presence and influence skills as they prepare to assume new responsibilities or drive growth initiatives.


  1. Increased confidence and clarity, which inspires stakeholders to support the leaders
  2. Effectively lead and manage people, processes, and situations
  3. Influence the clients your leaders most want to land with ease
  4. Enhance executive image and communication skills
  5. Make better decisions – faster, consistently, with greater self-awareness and confidence
  6. Demonstrate expertise to a broader audience
  7. Build leadership presence and gravitas to make an impact