Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Executive Presence Strategy Session​

This strategy coaching is ideal for leaders who would like to understand what is presence, measure their executive presence, and leverage their presence to drive business results. Before your coaching begins, we administer Coach Vikram’s EPI™, a scientifically validated assessment to measure your executive presence. Post the assessment you receive a personalized and comprehensive EPI report. This is followed by two personalised executive coaching sessions of  90 minutes each. The goal is to leave with a very clear sense of what to focus on and the order in which to do it, to feel confident that you have the strategy figured out.

  • demystify executive presence 
  • interpret scores in your business context
  • leverage your assessment data to be more influential
  • online Executive Presence Index™ assessment
  • receive comprehensive report
  • action plan for the next 12 months
  • achieve your top business outcome with ease
  • develop a leadership style so that people are inspired to rally around your vision