Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Executive Presence Training​

We collaborate with you to design a highly practical, informative and business-friendly group training intervention. You will get cutting edge content delivered in a dynamic, interactive format over a 3, 4 and 5 full day training program. This leadership program builds on our scientific Executive Presence Model and empirical studies in leadership, communication, psychology, and mindfulness. Whatever your role or career stage, our comprehensive Executive Presence leadership training programs will prepare you to be more influential.

Our Training Programs:

Prior to all Executive Presence STAR Leadership Programs, we administer Coach Vikram’s EPI™, a research-based and scientifically validated assessment to measure Executive Presence. The EPI helps leaders identify concrete steps to apply three important business themes that are critical drivers in their current role to be more influential. Each participant gets a personalized and comprehensive EPI report to become more self-aware and raise their presence in the fastest time.
All participants undergo a 90 minutes1:1 debrief coaching session with our certified Assessment Coach Rajna to interpret their Executive Presence scores, how to be more influential, and the easiest ways to achieve their top 3 business outcomes.