Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Executive Presence Training​

We collaborate with organizations to design highly practical and business-friendly group training interventions on executive presence. Your participating leaders will get cutting edge global content delivered in a dynamic and interactive experience over a 3, 4, or 5 full day training program. These leadership programs are built on our scientific executive presence model and empirical studies in leadership, communication, psychology, and mindfulness. 

Our training programs:

7-day curated pre-training content to get your leaders in the right mindset for the upcoming training

100 days executive presence challenge on the star leadership app to practice the learnings in low-stakes business situations

4th and 5th day training to learn executive presence skills in high-stakes business situations

EPI™️ assessment to measure your leader’s executive presence and influence

3 full-day training crafted to your business goals

Individual accountability coaching to keep your leaders on track