Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

First 100 Days Coaching

When your leader takes up a new leadership role at the organization, the first 100 days are crucial. We coach them with the confidence of knowing what and how to tackle the critical first 100 days to achieve results. It’s what distinguishes the good leaders from the star leaders. Stakeholders carefully observe and listen to the new leader, peers seek stability and continuity from them, and teams are looking for a fresh perspective and bold actions to solve unresolved issues.

To support the newly appointed executive, we align their EPI™ Assessment score with the organization’s goals to custom-make a game plan and mitigate leadership transition risks. We then coach your leader to exceed expectations and accelerate results in the first 3 to 6 months that could otherwise take 18 months to two years to achieve.

balancing between listening, learning, and action

making effective connection with team members and peers

customizing a plan based on organizational goals

securing early wins that build credibility and momentum

engaging smoothly with the leadership and management team

*Every coaching engagement is customized based on your leader’s business goals