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Gravitas for Senior Leadership Role

For the last 4 years, Raunak was not promoted to senior group level leadership at a Fortune 100 Technology company. As the regional head of Sales, he was leading a group of 35 mid-level leaders. Raunak was unable to connect with his internal stakeholders, his focus was disintegrated with day-to-day conflicts, and many of his important initiatives were stalemate. He alleged that his vertical head was non supportive and communication had broken down from the top management. He was struggling to understand what was stopping his advancement and was disappointed with the lack of promotion. To help the leader, the client was seeking a coach having a background and long experience in corporate communication, management, and psychology.


Diagnosis: To have a clear view of Raunak’s leadership style and provide an actionable path forward, Raunak took Coach Vikram’s EPI™ assessment – a scientifically valid and reliable assessment tool to measure his Executive Presence and influence skills. The EPI unveiled critical data for a game plan to raise his credibility to make his stakeholders want to align with his ideas and vision. The assessment helped Raunak identify his lower ratings( and his blind spot) in his behaviours of Power. During the tripartite sessions with his stakeholders, they shared how the leader was being at discomfort with silence that made him miss the opportunity to put his thoughts together and effectively use the silence to come across as a calm leader who speaks up more effectively and with increased gravitas.

Mindset Shift: To help the coaching needle move, we had to constantly remind the leader to define his indicators of success through the engagement. He realized that gaining control over how he responds and reacts to others requires deliberation and intention. He made the commitment to pause, to gain control over how he reacted and responded to others.

Behavioural Shift: Raunak was coached to lead predominantly by responding calmly rather than react to any event. He was made to go on a 30 days mindfulness challenge where he was coached how to pause and mindfully bring silence, which allowed him to connect with others, ‘feel’ into their concerns, learn, and lead with composure. Raunak then practiced these mindfulness techniques in low-stakes social and business settings to develop a habit for long-lasting change. 

In 9 months’ time, Raunak started to practise his new skills of executive presence and was able to balance between being true to his nature and stretching out of his comfort zone in low stake business situations. Over time he extended the same to high stake business situations, developing a charismatic leadership style. His employee satisfaction and engagement scores improved by 20% and he took over as a National Head of Sales by the end of the year.  According to Raunak, the best outcome of his coaching journey was that his mindful expansion of his gravitas and spheres of influence helped him win trust, gain credibility, and inspire action with ease.

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