Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Coaching for Sensitive Business Challenges​

Fortune 100 organizations rely on us as confidential coaches for our informed global view and expertise to coach their top leaders with their performance.  Allow us to coach your senior leaders with sensitive high-stakes behavioral issues and get the needed perspective that they can’t gain elsewhere. Share your problem/challenge with us and we will help you see opportunities using our coaching experience and proprietary tools in the science of presence and influence. Whether you want to close a skill gap or increase the capacity of your leaders to lead with greater impact and influence, we understand what it takes to go from good to great.

1. Interpersonal Roadblocks

  • Ignoring inputs from others 
  • Not speaking up
  • Misreading political dynamics
  • Adding too much value
  • Motivating/Influencing

2. Specific knowledge gaps

  • Gravitas and assertiveness
  • Personal branding
  • Personal magnetism
  • Speaking succinctly

3.  ‘Problematic / Misunderstood’ leader

  • Confirm a negative evaluation
  • Misdirected micromanaging
  • Peer conflicts
  • Not managing up
  • Loss of confidence

*Every coaching engagement is customized based on your leader’s business goals