Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Executive Presence for C-level and Senior Executives – Signature Program

Leading an organization is a powerful and humbling experience. This customized Executive Presence training intervention is designed for C-level and senior executives who want to reach the highest levels of business leadership. In this advanced Executive Presence program we help your senior executives pause and focus on the 3 critical essentials of business success- a broad perspective, a strategic mindset, and the highest level of influence


  1. Gain a clear view of your leadership impact on the organization
  2. Build a holistic mindset as a strategic leader to address organizational dilemmas 
  3. Step into your power and play big
  4. Improve the alignment between executive leadership and respective teams
  5. Enhance influence skills with boards, shareholders, partners, and critical stakeholders
  6. Think, act, and influence strategically during times of disruption, change, and complexity
  7. Learn to balance and sustain your energy as you steer your organization into tomorrow