Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Startup Founder CEO Coaching

A startup performs only as well as its CEO. From fundraising and board management to leadership team dynamics to scaling culture, the CEO has to uncover new perspectives and take fast and decisive actions. They hire and lead people more experienced than they are, create successful products and services, and undergo exponential growth. And for that they require a coach who can support them with strategic thinking, next iteration, confidence, self-awareness, and better decisions. This can save months of wasted effort and cost. Venture-backed scale-up founders choose us as their CEO coach where we help the CEO with:

having a difficult conversation with a key executive on your management team 

believing in self as a “real leader” and NOT giving in to impostor syndrome

dealing with the typical startup chaos that slows down progress and damages morale

facing the prospect of managing a board

scaling the company’s culture, and doing it in a purposeful way

communicating in a way that works for a larger organization

Who is right for our Startup Founder CEO Coaching?

  • Have raised over $5Million in funding
  • Have a product in the market
  • Are scaling their team