Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Strategic Conversations with the C-Suite / Boardroom Presence​

Company boards or c-suite conversations can be stressful even for the experienced executive. Most senior leaders ask different questions, raise different concerns, and approach things from different angles. How can your leader earn a “seat at the table” with them? 

This coaching is customized for executives who have experience speaking in groups. And now want to engage in executive-level dialogue and become trusted advisors who are invited back.  Are your leaders meeting the board to get funding or approval? Looking to win support from the leadership team to drive initiatives? Select a situation they want to address, a decision they want to influence, or an idea they want to sell, and we will design a pathway to help them shine by:

gaining credibility and trust in the shortest time possible

influencing the c-suite/ board with the “big idea” and gravitas

presenting when the c-suite/ board has fallen behind on time

owning the room – establish leadership presence

becoming comfortable to make a powerful impression

responding with grace when the board “shoots down” their idea

*Every coaching engagement is customized based on your leader’s business goals