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The Missing Link between Merit and Success

In spite of his talent and accomplishments at one of the world’s largest accounting firms, Aditya had trouble communicating at the C-suite level with his clients and felt unnoticed. His persona came across as “nice” – completely forgettable. His seniors thought he lacked enthusiasm to operate in dynamic teams and his peers commented that he lacked energy to make a greater impact. Aditya went through a series of high impact training interventions but there was not any new display of energy and enthusiasm in his behaviour. The organization realized that in a tumultuous and highly competitive marketplace it was imperative for Aditya to influence his clients – and that the best way to get there was to connect him with a coach who could focus on Aditya’s strengths and build his ability to engage his audience.


Diagnosis: In the discovery session, Coach Vikram noticed that Aditya needed to develop personal magnetism. To leverage his strengths he had to learn to shift the spotlight from himself to his audience. The coaching journey began with a step-by-step process designed around Aditya’s behaviors of Focus that would help him build his charm through greater energy and engagement techniques.

Mindset Shift: In the initial coaching sessions, Aditya got breakthrough insights on how to overcome his inertia to intentionally charm his audience. He unlearned to focus on process and learned to focus on people. He realised that making the experience memorable was possible only by making the people feel special.

Behavioural Shift: Vikram identified that Aditya’s lack of charm was negatively influencing others’ perception of him. Vikram shared CEO hacks of Fortune 100 leaders on how to immediately create positive momentum and rapport with clients. 

Aditya was asked to reduce his speaking time and mindfully put the spotlight on others to make them feel special or like a VIP. He learned how not to miss the first 10 second window to acknowledge someone when they enter the room to create a likable and positive impression. Also, he started genuinely engaging in conversations that paid attention to his stakeholders, their work, and their experiences.

These efficient executive presence strategies helped Aditya to present himself as a high-status executive and comfortably connect with C-suite decision makers. He was fully focused and actively engaged in what was happening around him. This made the people around him feel his authenticity and were encouraged to engage with him. Now, not only the C-suite clients now see him as a strategic partner, but Aditya’s executive team sees him as a key player in their strategic client accounts. It took 8 months for Aditya to unleash his personal magnetism factor and uncover his authentic executive presence. All this resulted in him getting re-energized, engaging his team and stakeholders, and bagging a partner promotion in spite of fierce competition. 

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