Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Creating an impact does not depend on how much time you have but on how fully present you are in each interaction.

Vikram is a Star Maker! He creates that Star leader in you so that you develop powerful executive presence, stand out, and build market dominance in 21 hours! He applies the latest in neuroscience to your leadership skills so when you walk people notice. When you speak, people listen. When you lead, people follow! His upcoming book is about ‘Executive Presence – The Secret Language of Star Leaders’

Leaders have moved into senior management roles and cracked million dollar deals using Vikram’s innovative model of Executive Presence – which is designed around Behaviors of Focus, Power, and Warmth. He is a Lawyer, Positive Psychologist, and Mindfulness coach. His extensive research on Executive Presence and behaviors of global leaders help him reverse engineer the science to developing Star Presence in just 21 coaching hours! Vikram’s knowledge sharing process is unique. He works on performance results. This means he gets paid ONLY if his clients achieve positive and lasting change in agreed-upon behaviour.

Years of Experience

in Executive Presence
Training, Coaching & Research

Successful Clients

including Fortune 500 Companies

Senior Leaders

across Industries & Continents


Speaker Coach

Founding Fellow
Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School

Coaching Intensive
Columbia Business School

Masters in Positive Psychology

Bachelors of Law 

Professional Coach
ICF Certified

Every executive presence training is customized based on your business goals. Email us to discuss ways in which we might work together. Or, fill this contact form to set up a discovery session to discuss how our executive presence training can support your leaders and your organization.