Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Bring a more cheerful attitude to communicate positively. This will make people around you feel more enthusiastic and energized.

Accountability Coach

Vrinda holds a master’s in Sociology and is a certified Accountability Coach. She coaches leaders to engage in meaningful conversations that lead to alignment, action, and successful habits. Vrinda loves to get on 15-minute weekly phone calls with our coaching leaders to answer questions, check in, and keep them accountable. As an accountability coach she gets the clients re-energized and prioritizes their committed action points so that they can lead effectively. She reviews the client coaching journal with the leader and together they discuss what they can do to balance self-care, inner strength, and sustain their energy. 

Vrinda is interested in psychology, social psychology, and sociology. She spends most of her time developing new, evidence-based knowledge around personal leadership and subjective wellbeing. 

Every executive presence training is customized based on your business goals. Email us to discuss ways in which we might work together. Or, fill this contact form to set up a discovery session to discuss how our executive presence training can support your leaders and your organization.