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Demystify Executive Presence

We collaborate with organizations to design highly practical and business-friendly executive presence training programs and interventions. Our executive presence workshops, range from four hours to six days, and are available for small training cohorts and large groups. Your participating leaders will get cutting edge global content delivered in a dynamic and interactive experience. These leadership programs are built on our scientific executive presence model and empirical studies in leadership, communication, psychology, and mindfulness. 

Executive presence is defined as the balance of the learned behaviors of focus, power, and warmth, that can be switched on and off to bring out your best self and influence people.

Oh yes. Everyone has presence! It’s about adopting 3 specific behaviors that fit in with the personality you already have, However, it is important to understand that the secret to make an impact in a business situation is to project the right combination of these 3 behaviors to make others feel comfortable, get along with them, and influence them.

Yes, it can be learned by any leader. We at Coach Vikram have created a scientific model where behaviors of executive presence can be learned and perfected by every leader in the fastest time.

We use a scientifically structured model around 3 behaviors and have a unique methodology to coach leaders to build their executive presence in the easiest way. We coach with measurable actions and strategies so that leaders accelerate results, enhance their ability to influence, and make a big business impact.

It takes 21+ hours of specialized leadership coaching or training to stand out and make sustainable impact. Having said that, scientific and strategic techniques can help project presence in as little as 20 minutes.

Presence can’t be faked. It has to be practiced from the inside out. It is how you interact with people in a more genuine and authentic way. In fact, projecting presence can sometimes be  hard, uncomfortable, and even daunting. But it’s also incredibly rewarding at the workplace as it helps you drive business results with ease.

Leaders do not need to be naturally boisterous or outgoing to build more presence. As long as they know how to strategically and systematically practice the behaviors  of presence, it doesn’t matter whether they identify as introverts or extroverts.

Executive presence has been studied in multiple ways, from clinical laboratory experiments and cross-sectional and longitudinal organizational survey research to qualitative and quantitative analysis by psychologists, cognitive scientists, and behavioral researchers

Executive presence has 9 characteristics under the behaviors of Focus, Power, and Warmth. The characteristics of Focus are: Relationship Mindset, Social Awareness, and Personal Magnetism; the characteristics of Power are: Inner Dialogue. Composure, and Personal Branding; and, the characteristics of Warmth are: Gratitude, Self-care, and Compassion. 

Professional Presence at the Workplace

The workplace is all about engaging people and making an impact through achieving business goals and building executive presence helps leaders do just that faster and with greater ease.

Being “good at your job” and “ working hard” is no longer enough. You need to know your potential “blind spots, what’s holding you back and show up as someone who can take on an even bigger role. When you mindfully leverage your leadership presence you accelerate your career faster and with more ease.

Yes. Guided by our proprietary research-based model of executive presence, designed around 3 behaviors:  Focus, Power, Warmth, Coach Vikram’s EPI™ is a scientifically validated assessment tool to measure your executive presence and influence at the workplace.

Presence is the missing link between merit and success to help achieve your business goals with ease.

When leaders consistently manage their interactions in high-stakes business situations with confidence and comfort they are said to have  a strong executive presence. And they do it by mindfully balancing their three behaviors of focus, power, and warmth with ease.

Having gravitas in a business leader means they are taken seriously, their contributions are considered important, and they evoke more respect. Having said that, gravitas is just one of the many characteristics/pillars of your executive presence. Let us state that, your gravitas will not help you be a likeable leader or project you as a caring leader. 

Every executive presence training is customized based on your business goals. Email us to discuss ways in which we might work together. Or, fill this contact form to set up a discovery session to discuss how our executive presence training can support your leaders and your organization.


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