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Your Inner Dialogue and Presence

OBJECTIVE: 9 sentence-stems to help you overcome possible barriers to your success at the workplace.

MINDSET: Of all the judgments we pass in life, the most critical is the judgment we pass on ourselves. The conversations you have with yourself determine how much you believe in yourself and how that belief translates into leading self and leading others.

ACTION: Without stopping to think, quickly generate at least 3 endings to the given sentence stems. There is no right or wrong answer. The idea is to turn off the little voice inside of you that censors your thoughts. Put aside your critical mind, think after, not during.

DURATION: 9 minutes. If it takes longer, you are “thinking” (rehearsing, calculating) too much.

 1. If I bring 5 per cent more happiness to my life _____________

2. If I boost my energy level by 5 per cent today _____________

3. If I don’t let someone else’s energy affect me _____________

4. If I intentionally surround myself with positive people _____________

5. If I get comfortable with not being the smartest person in the room _____________

6. If I have uplifting conversations with myself to achieve my dreams _____________

7. If I get to see myself ready for the next leadership role _____________

8. If I had the next big role in my career, I would _____________

9. If I believe that I can get good things in life with ease _____________

Go over your responses and see if you have learned anything important. It may take a few trials before you gain some insight. If you learn something new, act on it. If some sentence stem resonates with you, repeat it if you find them helpful.

Do the exercise, go about your day’s activities, and notice any differences in how you feel or how you lead.