Executive Presence : Assessment, Coaching, Training

Career and Leadership Transitioning- For Functional Heads / SME ​

When rising stars level up and prepare for a new role to lead their former peers, or a new group/ business unit/ function/ enterprise, or take on P&L responsibility, they experience new challenges. They are exceptionally skilled at the technical side of the business, but require learning to inspire, energize, and align stakeholders to drive results.

Or take the case of leaders coming from outside the organization who face additional complexities as they work to set and achieve goals in a new culture. Either way, leaders have to rapidly adapt to a new environment by applying both technical and people skills to establish credibility and set the tone for their leadership by:

  • winning trust and engaging key stakeholders
  • collaborating if they are used to working in silos
  • empowering all team members to feel heard and valued
  • becoming strategic and confident in their mindset
  • earning authority, inspiring followership, and getting visible 
  • having structured and strategic conversations with CXOs