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About Coach Vikram

We, at Coach Vikram, are trusted advisors to senior business leaders at Fortune 500 organizations. We are passionate about taking on clients who dream big. Our number one goal is to teach busy leaders a critical leadership skill that even the best of business schools still don’t teach: Executive Presence. And we teach in the fastest and the most scientific way.

At Coach Vikram we have spent  20 years decoding behaviors of star leaders on how they connect, collaborate, and compete with ease. As someone who is doing pioneering work around leadership and presence, we are constantly applying the latest scientific methods and theories to solve business problems successfully.

Our journey

When conceptualized, our executive presence program was revolutionary. Embodying mindfulness and internal presence, it became the cornerstone of meaningful leadership learning.

To ensure that tomorrow’s leadership experience is more exciting than today’s, the executive presence intervention was enriched with innovative learning methodologies and handholding.

We started working with senior business leaders and HR executives to articulate the understanding and need of executive presence among global leaders.

We designed a scientific model to demystify executive presence. Leaders leveraged this to move into senior management roles and crack million-dollar deals.

We started collaborating with exceptional professors and Ph.D scholars from UPenn, Columbia, and XLRI to validate and test the reliability of our unique executive presence model.

We started using data & insights and developed the Executive Presence Index, a scientifically validated assessment to measure executive presence.

Leadership development consultants, management psychologists, data scientists, and technology engineers joined our efforts to bring life to the validity and reliability of our work and help us design our star leadership app

We are developing the star leadership app to deliver learning at the leaders’ fingertips. This will provide them with a system to build habits of success in the fastest time.

Our Team

Visual Communications Designer 

Visualise. Conceptualize. Design.  

Client Relationship Manager

Organize. Schedule. Collaborate. Implement. Engage

Executive Presence Coach

Discovery. Metrics. Measurement. Diagnosis. Insights

Accountability Coach

Follow Up. Action Points. Prioritize. Support. Success Habits

Executive Presence Coach

Stories. Mindset-shift. Micro-rituals. Results. Transformation

Join Our Team

We are differentiated by our breakthrough in Executive Presence research and assessment (EPI), empirically-based Executive Presence model, and a super experiential learning experience. We are a growing Mumbai-based executive presence coaching and training firm and our team works out of Ahmedabad, Goa, London, Toronto, and New York.

We are always looking for new members to join our Executive Presence lab. Post-doctoral fellows, Ph.D. candidates, Masters, and Undergraduate students who want to devote themselves to research on leadership and presence may contact us for collaborations. Write to us at lydia@coachvikram.com with your CV.

Every executive presence training is customized based on your business goals. Email us to discuss ways in which we might work together. Or, fill this contact form to set up a discovery session to discuss how our executive presence training can support your leaders and your organization.