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Importance of Expressiveness to be a Global Leader

The senior management chose their new CIO based on his high intelligence, strong analytical abilities, and a drive for execution. However, his shyness led to lack of initiative in interpersonal and networking skills which negatively affected his smooth transition into the new and bigger leadership role. In fact, Leo himself felt challenged in his new role to connect with people and was looking for help in terms of new ideas, new friends, and fresh networking for business growth. Fortunately, Leo was a lifelong learner and he seized on the opportunity to work with a coach to improve his communicative leadership skills. The client was looking to partner with a global coach who could help Leo become an exceptional leader who inspires and aligns – and all of this with immediate impact, sustainable change, and measurable results, in the next 9 months.


Diagnosis: During the initial discovery process, Coach Vikram used the Executive Presence Index to assess Leo’s preferred learning & leadership style, his strengths, and his awareness around specific behavioral change. The data revealed that Leo was actually not a shy person when he was around people he knew. In fact, he was funny and well-respected among his inner circle. However, he found it difficult to bring the same level of confidence to interactions with  unacquainted stakeholders. 

Mindset Shift: This obstacle affected not only his rapport with his new team but also his networking opportunities with industry players and global teams. The coaching journey began with working on helping Leo demystify his understanding of networking. He was initially holding against connecting with new people because he was always focused on his expertise. However, in conversation he realised that being excellent at work did not mean that people know him for what he did. Allowing people to know about his expertise meant deeper relationships and a differentiation factor in his own brand.

Behavioural Shift: Later, Leo started to work on enhancing his behaviours of Power for networking skills that he realized were critical for his professional success. Leo mindfully made a list of people whom he wished to influence the most and connected with them at least once a month. He practiced his newly acquired skills in low stake situations. Then with the right practice, Leo comfortably transitioned to using these learned behaviours in high stake business situations. 

Today Leo is comfortable with being expressive. He not only knows how to stand out and make an impact but also knows how to engage, inspire, and align others to achieve the goals of the organization with ease. The coaching helped the leader use his communication strategy to network and develop conversations with senior leadership even further as he continues to communicate at company locations around the world.  In fact, he is an epitome of a STAR leader who genuinely motivates and influences his global stakeholders. He has friends from the industry across the globe and his presence is felt at any major networking event.

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