The Challenge:

As CIO of a Fortune 100 company in the consulting space, Ajith pre-dominantly needed help in connecting with the executive business leaders. His role demanded him to deal with the board, speak to large teams, media, and deliver talks at industry conferences. Ajith had a sharp mind, deep insights, and he worked hard. However, he was uncomfortable with his own presence and came across as reserved and distant. He couldn’t effectively read an audience and communicate his ideas. The board wanted him to develop executive presence necessary to sell his ideas at the executive level.

The Accomplishments:

Coach Vikram diagnosed that Ajith, an introvert was forcing himself to sound like an extrovert which gave him an unnatural and awkward presence. He lacked the practical know-how to project a persuasive leadership brand message through his appearance and behaviour. Within just few days of working on this coaching journey, Vikram helped Ajith translate his complex messages into simple ideas to influence any audience. In the weeks that followed, Ajith learnt verbal and non-verbal presenting techniques to fully express himself and unleash his executive presence. Gradually, he conveyed confidence with his voice, gestures, language, diction, and facial expressions. The coaching encouraged Ajith to take small positive risks in presentation skills while taking stage. He also learnt how to engage the media and effectively communicate his ideas and key points.

Constant coach support, new learned skills, preparation, and confidence helped Ajith make an impact with varied business leaders at the executive level. It took 7 months to bring Ajith’s inner superstar to surface. Nowadays, Ajith projects a very refined image at business meetings and events. When he walks into a room, people notice. When he speaks at meetings, people listen. And most importantly he loves acing media interviews!